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Sadid knowledge base company whose main activity is the production of robots equipped with artificial intelligence. At Sadid, we provide solutions based on robotics and artificial intelligence to solve the problems of industries and businesses and increase their productivity. As one of the producers of knowledge in the fields of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, Sadid plays an important role and offers a wide range of services.

Sadid is known to the general public for being behind the design of various robots, artificial intelligence and software development. Our sophisticated robots are specialists in helping to solve problems in millions of homes, offices, companies and factories around the world.

They are at the maximum performance to enable customers to benefit more from their daily working life. We specialize in the production of robotic products, artificial intelligence and software up to the point of importing and exporting robotics and related equipment. We do our best to make industrial robots that mimic the gestures of workers in order to perform tasks that are difficult to automate with traditional industrial robots.

robotics development

robotics development and process automation solutions for manufacturers

Robots Programing

Robots can be programmed to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a collective term for computer systems

real-time monitoring

A real-time monitoring of the five domains of animal welfare

poultry Robot

Industrial automation, powered by the concept of innovative robotics and AI, generates value by solving manufacturing problems with new ideas that change what products are made in, where they are made, how they are made, and people needed to make them.

Latest in Sadid

We have automation centers worldwide where we work with our customers to find solutions to their manufacturing problems. At these centers, customers can test and verify potential solutions with our experienced sales engineers in a simulation environment.

We use the applications and technologies that we sell to achieve innovative automation in our own production facilities around the world to further improve them for real-world use and share them with our customers.

We will continue to strive to be a reliable partner in manufacturing innovation by working with our customers to solve new problems and, through these efforts, by evolving and cultivating our innovative automation concept.

Our artificial intelligence related products will considerably reduce your operating costs. They will help you in your decision-making thanks to their analytical capabilities. Their uses have become paramount.

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